A Lifetime of Improvement and Enjoyment for less than the cost of a 60-Minute Lesson!

Would you love to:

Swim freestyle better, easier  and faster than ever before?

And have the knowledge and confidence to become your own best coach?

Our latest set of self-coaching tools–not just a standalone video, but a self-improvement system of four complementary modules–is the first program designed not only to make you a highly efficient swimmer....

You'll also become an expert student--posessing a sophisticated and holistic understanding of how to swim with uncommon efficiency.


Learn how our self-coaching system will help you take charge of your own swimming improvement!

The Effortless Endurance Self-Coaching Course includes 4 complementary modules:

The Ultra-Efficient Freestyle EBook
130 pages of the clearest, most comprehensive (and most profusely illustrated) explanation of how swimming works--for any technique not only freestyle-- and an examination of every aspect of freestyle technique - the foundational skills of Balance, Stability, Streamlining, and Propulsion. 

The Effortless Endurance Freestyle Video Series
These 15 downloadable videos--comprising 45 minutes of overall video instrutction--show a simple, foolproof, step-by-step method for building an ultra-efficient stroke. And a series of Whole Stroke Studies, from seven different perspectives, showing how the mini-skills work together holistically.

The Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workbook
This study and practice guide for the 15 videos gives detailed direction on how to learn effectively, bypass common errors, and make the most progress in the least time.  You'll not only learn how to swim much better.  You'll also learn how to learn.

The Effortless Endurance Freestyle Image Gallery
We collected all the most critical and revealing still shots from the Videos and images from the Workbook in a series of galleries for each drill and skill, organized for easy review.  Take with you to the pool to guide your practice.

TOTAL IMMERSION: The World's Best Swim-Improvement Method

Millions around the world love to swim the Total Immersion (TI) way because our technique is satisfying, easy to learn, and really works! Total Immersion is the only program in history to have created a worldwide following of passionate, empowered swimmers.
• TI gives average swimmers—even beginners--the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become their own best teacher and coach. 

• TI brings hope, improvement and a sense of accomplishment to those who have experienced only failure with traditional approaches.

• TI technique is holistic--injury free and good to your body--and adapts easily to any goal.